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How to Choose Colors for Your Brand and Apparel

Once you choose your brand colors, they show up everywhere: on your website, throughout your building, in advertisements, at your storefront, on your company apparel, and so much more. While choosing a brand color scheme may seem like fun, careful assessment of the color wheel is actually very important when selecting your brand colors. Before you just choose your favorite colors, it’s important to understand why branding colors matter and what different colors can do for your brand.

Why Do Branding Colors Matter?

When it comes to choosing the best logo color combinations and your brand’s entire color scheme, there’s a lot more that goes into it than just deciding what looks nicest or prettiest. Emotions are powerful, and we can’t really control the fact that they have an effect on the way we make decisions. 

Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, influencing customer decision making is extremely important. Although we may not always realize that colors evoke certain emotions, they do—and that’s why brand colors are a small way for businesses to have an impact on customer decision making or to evoke a certain emotion in their customers.

History of Color Association and Color Theory

Someone didn’t just look at all of the colors one day and decide what each of them means or which emotions they evoke. In fact, we associate colors with certain emotions, experiences, or things. Psychologists believe that connections with particular colors link to human evolution. After years of us naturally making color associations to certain objects or experiences, connections began to develop. For example, blood red can signify danger. It’s easy to see why after years of biological conditioning, color goes beyond simple preference.

Choosing Your Brands Colors

Choosing your brand colors is very easy if you know what you want to communicate. If you can confidently explain the meaning of your brand colors, then you probably have your color scheme down.
Let’s take a closer look at what different colors can mean in the mind of a consumer. This will help you make an informed decision about your branding colors.

  • Red—Passion, excitement, and anger; signifies importance and commands attention
  • Orange—Playfulness, vitality, and friendliness; invigorating and evokes energy
  • Yellow—Happiness, youth, and optimism; can seem attention-grabbing or affordable
  • Green—Stability, prosperity, and growth; a connection to nature
  • Light Blue—Tranquility, trust, and openness; also signifies innocence
  • Dark Blue—Professionalism, security, and formality; mature and trustworthy
  • Purple—Royalty, creativity, and luxury
  • Pink—Femininity, youth, and innocence; can be modern to luxurious
  • Brown—Rugged, earthy; sets an old-fashioned mood or look
  • White—Cleanliness, virtue, health, or simplicity; can range from affordable to high end
  • Gray—Neutrality; can look subdued, classic, serious, mysterious, or mature
  • Black—Powerful, sophisticated, edgy, luxurious, and modern

Our Printing Process Will Show Your Brand Colors the Way They Were Meant to Be Seen

Once you’ve chosen your brand’s identity, you can send your logo to the printing press. When getting custom apparel, why not let the best facilitate it for you? 

Marathon Sportswear is a professional screenprinting company using advanced printing methods to showcase your brand in the best light. To learn more or inquire about our services, feel free to contact us.