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Best Types of Embroidery Designs

Embroidery designs continue to take the world by storm. Embroidered designs are high-quality stitch printed designs that are commonly seen as clothing accessories and on vector art. Traditional designs are embroidered by a sewing machine or specialty textile equipment. Now, one can stitch a patch with ease by using a digitized file for embroidery use.

The quality of embroidered gear continues to grow as digitizing software improves. Coaches and athletic directors can custom embroider team jerseys, sports apparel, and even certain athletic equipment. The military customizes uniforms with embroidered patches. Even musicians are using specialty embroidery services to decorate their instruments.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular forms of stitched embroidery designs:

The Running Stitch

Often referred to as the “punch and poke” method, the running stitch is a classic embroidery tactic used to outline designs. The running stitch is a very simple embroidery method that simulates a floss-like motion. Just poke holes through the fabric that your stitches will run through. While a digitizing process speeds up the delivery of this design, the running stitch is best performed by hand.

The Chain Stitch

The chain stitch is one of the most tedious embroidery methods to perform. Much like a running stitch design, the chain stitch is one of those techniques that is perfect for framing certain designs. By hand, the chain stitch can be performed by a series of flossing and loop-pulling motions. This is usually a task that takes a tremendous amount of time and care to execute. Fortunately, embroidery machines can deliver beautiful chain stitches at a very quick turnaround time.

The Back Stitch

The back stitch is the perfect style for embroidery text on fabric. Unlike the running stitch, the back stitch appears in the form of a solid line. This is a very simple technique to perform by hand or with the assistance of a digitized design.

The Stem Stitch

Stem stitch techniques are perfect to use when you need to create a design for a flower or plant stem. The stem stitch is made by pulling the needle thread up and down, through the fabric. Like the chain stitch, this is a tedious method that requires tons of precision. It’s best to trust an embroidery digitizing company when any stem stitches need to be made.

The Split Stitch

Simply put, the split stitch is a lot like braiding your hair. This is a method that is continuously stitched throughout the fabric. To make a split stitch, you must floss through the fabric, by creating a straight stitch. Next, you pull the needle through the original stitch, in a hoop-like motion. The final result should appear as a braided texture.

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