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Tips for Designing Your Next Race Event Shirt

Custom t-shirts are huge parts of community walks, fun runs, and marathons. It’s very popular to see teams sport decorative race shirts during a 5k event. Groups go to great lengths to print custom designs for their running team to wear as they cross the finish line.

Whether you just have a team of 5K participants, or you’re hosting a race event, a custom t-shirt will be a critical part of the fundraiser. Whatever it is, these tips will help you design the perfect shirt for the next big race.

1. Define Your Cause

If you’re designing a shirt for fundraising purposes, you’ll need to support a cause that resonates with others. Whether it’s a local charity, community fundraiser, or a memorial event, the cause must be recognized on a participant’s t-shirt. One should be able to identify what a team or organization is supporting just by glancing at the print.

2. Collaborate with Your Team

When you register a team to participate, it’s important to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Before the event, bring your team together to brainstorm the perfect concept. You’ll need to agree on shirt styles, slogans, nicknames, colors, team names, and more. Once everyone provides some input, hold a team vote for each category.

3. Design a Concept

After the collaboration, design your team’s concept with Marathon Sportswear. Customize your shirt with simple fonts, colors, logos, and other supporting images. Bring the perfect t-shirt concept to life.

4. Re-collaborate

Once the design is made, show the proof to the rest of your teammates. This will give people the chance to review for any design errors. It’s important to get your team’s critique of the concept. This would confirm the quality of the overall design.

5. Order the Right Sizes

Shirt printing will occur after your team has the chance to review the concept proof. This is a very important step. Make sure you order enough shirts with the right sizes.

Pro-tip: You never want to have too many smalls. Order a few additional larges or extra large shirts if you have any extra room in your budget. This will ensure that everyone at least has a shirt that fits.

6. Show up in Style

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to proudly show off your stylish, screen printed shirt. Sport your awesome design with the rest of your teammates. Show up to the event wearing your custom t-shirt as a unit. Your team’s custom 5K design is the perfect attire to rock whether you’re distance running for world records or casually walking a short course.

Now Let’s Make Things Possible

Get a free quote from Marathon Sportswear when you design your next race shirt. Whether you’re preparing for the Boston Marathon, training for a 10K, or just need a t-shirt customized for an event, we’re here to help. Contact one of our shirt printing masterminds with any questions or concerns. Give us a call at (708) 839-5390 for more details.