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5 Steps You Need to Get Your Next Event Shirt Right

Custom t-shirts are important assets for practically any event. They are great ways to raise funds from supporters. Organizations often host t-shirt fundraisers to raise money for a variety of reasons. People design and sell t-shirts that are stylish, fun, and connect to a meaningful cause.

Running a t-shirt fundraiser is a lot like operating a business. Custom tees may be easy to create, but it involves a lot of time, energy, and strategy to perfect. In addition, shirt printing can be a nightmare liability.

Whether it’s for a community fundraiser, memorial event, or supporting a local charity, you’ll need an effective plan in place. Whatever it is, these 5 tips will help you perfectly design and sell customized shirts for your next event.

1. Identify Your Cause

Fundraisers are established to support certain causes. When the fundraising event has been agreed upon, you’ll need to create a customized event shirt that identifies what the event supports. One should be able to identify what the event is about, just by glancing at the print of the shirt.

2. Create the Perfect Design

Designing your shirt is a critical part of the entire process. The custom concept doesn’t always need to be created by someone with a design-heavy background. It just needs to look fun, yet professional. In addition, your design needs to identify the host organization, the purpose of the event, and other key details.

Fortunately, this is all easy to accomplish with the help of Marathon Sportswear. As Illinois’ top event t-shirt manufacturer, we help deliver perfect, free designs that organizations need. Many of our campaigns have resulted in some of the best custom t-shirts in Chicago.

3. Fundraise in Advance

Once you put together the perfect design, it’s time to start raising money. The best way to raise funds from a special event t-shirt is to offer it on multiple platforms. Customized shirts should be available for purchase before the day the day of the event.

One should be able to purchase the event shirt on the event website or through other crowdfunding sources. This gives online users the chance to place an order early on, which ensures that they have their shirts to wear in time for the event. Using these platforms also spreads awareness among people about the event, fundraiser, and supporting organization.

4. Order Enough Shirts

This is crucial. You always need to make sure you order the correct number of t-shirts for the event. After an order is complete, you have to be careful that the right number of shirts are in place to pick up at the event.

With each order, you should always collect this important information:

●     First and last name

●     Email address

●     Phone number

●     Shirt size

●     Shirt color

●     Quantity of shirts ordered

Pro-tip: If you have enough wiggle room in your budget, order extra shirts for people to purchase at the event.

5. Supply Miscellaneous Shirts

It’s important to have a surplus of event staff shirts for donors, participants, and other staff members. Each staff member should at least have a promotional event shirt if they don’t have specialty uniforms. This tactic will further promote the event, cause, and organization.

Now Let’s Make Shirts

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