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How Unique Promotional Products Make Your Brand Memorable

Promotional products are a great way for you to let potential clients and customers know about your business. But why are they such a great marketing tool? What is it about unique promotional items that sticks in people’s minds in a way that social media posts and digital ads don’t? Here are some of the ways promotional products increase brand recognition for your business.

They Build Brand Awareness

When you hand out colorful highlighters or ball caps with bright designs, potential customers who receive them become more aware of your company. They associate that object with your company, and that association sticks in their minds. This is especially true because promotional items are tangible, so clients are more likely to keep them. 

Six of 10 people who receive promotional products keep them for up to two years, according to Inkwell. That means your potential customers could hold onto a reminder of your brand identity for two years, which can increase the odds they will think of your business when they need the type of service you offer.

They Are Flexible and Customizable

One great benefit of promotional products is how customizable and flexible they are. You can customize them to remind potential customers of your business’s products or services. For instance, one golf coach customized golf markers and gave them to his first-time students to increase their return rate. The markers said, “Did you miss that putt?” and increased the students’ awareness of how well they putted. This led them to come back for more lessons because they wanted to improve their putting skills.

Like that golf coach, you can go beyond business cards and customized pens to remind people of what your business does and what it provides. For example, if you’re in the music business, you can hand out customized earbuds at local music stores and radio stations. If you’re in IT, you can give out flash drives with your company name, logo, and information on them. If you’re in sports management, hand out small rubber basketballs. Use promotional products that connect to your business. This will help you increase your customers’ brand recall and tie your marketing efforts to your business’s services and products. 

They Improve Customer Loyalty

Handing out business promotional items improves customer loyalty because it shows you understand their wants and needs and that you’re establishing a personal relationship with them. Inkwell reports that 85% of customers who receive a promotional item from a business do business with them afterward. Give customers something they can use, and they will come back to you when they need your services or products. 

They Generate Leads and Sales

If your business relies heavily on lead generation, you can use this marketing strategy to your advantage. By giving your prospects promotional items early in the lead generation cycle, you can declare your brand’s identity and remind them of the products and services you offer. You can use these promotional item benefits to turn prospects into warm leads that will generate sales for your business.

Customized Products for All Your Promotional Needs

Marathon Sportswear provides a wide variety of promotional products for businesses in the Chicagoland area. From pens and calendars to water bottles, koozies, and promotional golf items, we can provide customized products that will help you connect with potential customers and turn them into loyal ones. If you’re interested in our promotional product services or if you have any questions about them, contact us today.