Ms 01.15.19 | Marathon Sportswear

It’s no secret that the perfect shirts are a great finishing touch to your corporate event. Very few things can really get the team together and provide a lasting reminder of the event like a great shirt design.  Here are some suggestions to help you make thoughtful choices when designing your shirts:

Consider the time of year

This is mostly a no-brainer, but keep the time of year in mind when choosing materials and styles. For example, heavy cotton t-shirts or hoodies may see appealing,  but they are pretty pointless for a summertime company picnic.

Offer different sizes and styles

You might think this goes against the grain of homogenizing the attendees, but different styles and colors of shirts can combine into a distinctive and attractive design.

Plan for durability, you’ll be glad you did

These shirts are not confined to being worn for a single day, but can be served as employee gear for multiple events. For example, if you mobilize your team or entire office to volunteer at a local animal shelter, the shirts will be a great reminder that you all banded together for a greater cause. That’s a feeling that can’t be duplicated and can be represented in a simple shirt. Make sure that shirt is one that lasts.

Know your company culture

How your company works, the issues you deal with day-to-day, the personalities in your company, the inside jokes, the difficulties you overcame as a team… these are the things that make your company unique. Use these as inspiration to create the perfect design. This will go a long way to creating shirt designs that will be worn long after the event . Years down the road your employees will wear one of these event shirts, and the memories of the special event will come flooding back to someone who was there, or be the catalyst for a great story to someone who wasn’t.

Make sure they are available to everyone

This doesn’t just mean distributing the apparel  at the event, but make sure you have a wide range of sizes and different fits. The point of custom shirts is to be inclusive so this may mean needing specialty sizes and different fits. Also, a good idea is to make sure you have extras available the day of the event for stragglers or in case someone ruins theirs.

Choose the right printing partner

You will need a printing partner that is flexible and great to work with like Marathon Sportswear in order for your special event shirts to be a complete success. It’s fun to design a shirt for your event, but if you need help, our staff is available to walk you through the process from idea to delivery. We are there to  make sure your employees are looking great and you’re event will bring memories that last.