Promotional Products for Your Next Career Fair

10 of the Best Promotional Items for Career Fairs

Eager job seekers are always looking for the right company to kick off their careers. Businesses use career fairs as a platform to create brand exposure with those prospective employees. A creative promotional product will help your business stick out to the right candidates. But making a good impression on the right job hunters can be a challenge. Companies have to stand out to attract the right candidates. Offering a meaningful giveaway is an excellent way to set your organization apart from the competition. 

Career Fair Giveaways

Certain promotional items can be used as marketing tactics to draw prospects into learning about your company’s culture, purpose, and opportunities. If you’re looking to turn heads at the next tradeshow you attend, it’s best to have any of these 10 stellar promotional products on display:

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths can help attendees keep practically any device or accessory in squeaky clean condition. This is a practical item that gently cleans a variety of items, including glasses, phone screens, computer monitors, and more. Cloths come neatly packaged in individual sleeves, making them easy to pass out to people during career fairs. 

Combination Stylus Pens 

This utensil can be used to encourage job seekers to continue their search. Stylus pens are not your typical ballpoint pens. Each tool acts as an ink pen and highlighter. They come equipped with silicone stylus ends for touchscreen monitors, but one click can modify the utensil into a pen. Additionally, you’ll be able to take the cap off the opposite end to activate a highlighter.

Water Bottles

This is a classic fan favorite. Speaking with multiple representatives from different companies is thirsty work. It’s not uncommon to grow parched when attending a career fair. Water bottles come in handy because they prevent attendees from having to make multiple trips to the water fountain.

USB Hubs

Nowadays we carry around a variety of devices and many of them require USB plug-ins to be charged. Much like a power strip, a brick USB hub is a convenient solution that allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. These charging hubs also leave plenty of space to showcase your company logo.  

Keychain Lights

This is a great way to ensure your brand is always carried on the go. Decorative keychains can be used as a small canvas to showcase your logo in multiple colors. No longer will your prospects have the problem of fumbling with their keys in the dark. And the best part is that attention will be brought to the logo any time it’s used. Just press the button and the light puts your branding on full display.

Car Chargers

A USB car charger is undoubtedly a standout item. Thee car-port plug-ins give recipients the power to charge their favorite mobile devices on the go. If you want to make a memorable impression, consider adding your company’s logo on a USB plug-in with three ports.

Personal Hand Sanitizers

You’ll shake a lot of hands at a career fair, which means that more germs are going to be widely spread. A small, personalized hand sanitizer bottle is an out-of-the-box marketing item. Providing these giveaways during cold and flu season shows that your company values good health.

Promotional Booklets With Sticky Notes

Eager job seekers are constantly taking notes based on each encounter. A promotional sticky pack gives you materials to make note of important information. These booklets are great branding tools because the front cover makes a great canvas to display your logo and company name.


Sunglasses are stylish luxury items and jobseekers will appreciate the unique aesthetic of your personally branded pair. Wood tone sunglasses are a growing trend in the promotional world. Each lens shares the same effect as most luxury-branded sunglasses, but the only difference is the unique twist of the frame material. When you showcase your company’s logo on a pair of wood-frame sunglasses, you give off the impression your workplace has a pretty cool culture.

Drawstring Backpacks and Tote Bags 

Prospects will walk away with a lot of freebies at a trade show or career fair. Instead of being like every other company that offers corporate gifts, why not give attendees something that makes hauling around these items a little more bearable? Merchandise bags are basically walking billboards that also hold any items attendees might be carrying around. 

Execute the Perfect Promotional Giveaway 

When it comes to promotional branding, the team at Marathon Sportswear has everything you could need. We are experts in screen printing, embroidery, and fulfillment. If you want some stunning swag to give away at an upcoming career fair or trade show, then we’ll help prepare the perfect promotional pieces for you.

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