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You have spent months planning your event. You have sponsors, media coverage, plenty of organizers and volunteers. You are ready to make a bold statement for a great cause.

Make sure you have another important aspect covered as well – unity. Your attendees may be united in voice and purpose, but make sure they are united in apparel as well.


It is a perfect keepsake from the event– Millions of Americans attend concerts and festivals each year and the number one way they commemorate being there is with an event t-shirt. When they pull out that t-shirt years down the road, it is material proof that they were there in that corner of the world at that time. And if your event was for a good cause, they will remember the cause they represented.


Generate more revenue – Instead of giving them away, you can sell them to establish another revenue stream and bring in more funds to your fundraiser. In fact, the profit margin on t-shirts can be 50% and you can still have them priced reasonably and within everyone’s reach. Marathon can help you keep the price per unit down so not only can you keep the initial cost at a manageable level, but your cause benefits more from them.


They start a conversation – When your event attendees are clad in bold, noticeable screen printed shirts, people ask about where they got them and why. It means you stand together for or against something, and whoever is wearing the shirt is doing so out of fond memories of the event or a dedication to the cause it represents. What a great way to bring awareness to a cause long after your event has ended.


Custom T-Shirts for Chicago Events

As an organizer of a major event, concert, get-together, charity event, or fundraiser, make sure your volunteers and attendees can truly say that they have been there, done that, and got the shirt to prove it.

Marathon Sportswear t-shirt printing services can help you design and print the perfect apparel for your event. We specialize in custom t-shirts in any quantity from 5-5,000 and beyond. We have printed custom apparel for dozens of organizations.


For over thirty years, Marathon Sportswear has delivered premium printed apparel and promotional items for schools, charities, corporations, special events, sports teams, and more in the Chicagoland area. We have a team of experienced in-house printers and cutting-edge printing equipment that allows us to deliver scalable, customized solutions for all of your event apparel needs.

Marathon Sportswear offers comprehensive end-to-end service; we take care of everything from the initial stenciling with our in-house artists, to the mass-produced prints with our cutting-edge printing equipment. From there, we make sure that you receive your order with a quick turnaround time so that you can enjoy our unique apparel as soon as possible. Call us today for a quote!