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What could be better than a t-shirt? It is perhaps the one piece of apparel that appeals to all ages and genders. They can be paired with other clothing or worn on their own, perfect for a night in or out.

They can also be billboards too; a customizable forum for a brand you like, or a cause you support, like a bumper sticker for your torso. Spread a great idea or some holiday cheer. In fact, here are three ways you can use t-shirts to your advantage this holiday season.


Give them as gifts.

Are you looking for a gift that is wearable and customizable? Give them something they will wear all year with a holiday t-shirt. A carefully designed t-shirt can be a nice, usable gift for a friend, family member, kids or as a cool secret Santa gift for your holiday party. Marathon can take your design and turn it into the perfect gift that has a personal touch.


Show off your customized holiday message.

Perhaps you are someone that wants to make a statement, or maybe the holidays fills you with magic and you want everyone to hear and see how you believe this truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Why not say it with a customized t-shirt? Maybe you need some gear that has a positive message for Black Friday shopping or there is a cause that you want to support and by having it emblazoned on a tasteful holiday t-shirt you can increase awareness. There are many reasons that a customized holiday t-shirt can spread your message, bring good cheer to partygoers, and twinkle a little extra this holiday season. Marathon Sportswear is the ideal custom apparel printer that can bring your idea to life.


Brand your family for the holidays.

T-shirts are standard issue for family reunions and outings to the amusement park, but why not for holiday parties?  Sure, a holiday party is normally something you wear your nice clothes to, but who is to say a custom printed t-shirt can’t be considered nice clothes? The holidays are about togetherness and unity and this gets a bit easier if everyone is wearing the same thing. Marathon can help you choose and design the perfect shirt for your family gathering.


Why Marathon?

For over thirty years, Marathon Sportswear has been a leader in custom apparel printing, providing premium promotional items for schools, charities, corporations, special events, sports teams, and more in the Chicagoland area. Our team of experienced in-house printers works with cutting-edge printing equipment to deliver scalable solutions for all of your custom products. Marathon Sportswear offers comprehensive end-to-end service; we take care of everything from the initial stenciling with our in-house artists, to the mass-produced screen printed products with our cutting-edge printing equipment. From there, we make sure that you receive your order with a quick turnaround time so that you can enjoy our unique apparel as soon as possible.