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The Top 3 Qualities of Well-Designed Custom T-Shirts

If you’re designing a custom tee for your company or organization, you want a design that effectively conveys your culture, your brand messaging, or the goal of an event you’re hosting. The custom gear you create should be easy to read, but it should also have a dynamic, engaging design. This will make it memorable and appealing to wear. If you’re printing T-shirts for a client-facing event, a well-designed T-shirt can leave a positive impression on clients, prospects, and customers that may encourage them to do or keep doing business with you.

Effective custom T-shirt designs often include the following:

Existing Assets and Content

Using assets and content you already have, like existing logos and mascot images, can make your T-shirt design easy to create. They also contain images your audience may already recognize. You can create a design that uses a familiar image in a new way, or you can use familiar text to anchor a new logo design. Additionally, if you’re designing a T-shirt for a specific charitable event, you should research what kinds of T-shirt images and phrases are associated with the subject you’re raising money or awareness for. Using existing content for your design gives you images and phrases you can play with and build on as you create your new shirt.

Effective Color Choice

You should select no more than three colors for your T-shirt design. Limiting your color choices prevents your design from becoming too busy and hard to read. It also makes your design more cost-effective, since T-shirt screenprinting, which is the industry standard, charges for every color used. Additionally, you should make sure the colors you choose have enough contrast that the ink stands out on the shirt’s background color. You can gravitate toward tried-and-true color combinations like red and white, or blue and yellow. Or you can do further research on contrasting and complementary colors to make more unique color combinations.

Dynamic, Readable Font Pairings

Along with color choice, font pairings are an important part of creating high-quality custom T-shirt designs. Fonts and typefaces are their own animal, and there’s plenty you can learn about them. However, some quick rules of thumb are:

  • Use 1-3 fonts. Any more will make your design cluttered and busy. Two or three are often preferable because switching between fonts can make your design more dynamic, especially if it’s a text-only design.
  • You can always pair one serif font with a sans serif font, though you should determine whether they work well together before you use them in your design. A serif font has small lines on ends of letters like T, R, and M, while sans serif fonts do not have these lines.
  • If you use a decorative font, you should pair it with a straightforward serif or sans serif font to make the design readable.

You can find font pairing websites and pages on the internet, and those can help you pick the proper fonts for your design.

Custom Apparel Screenprinting for All Your Design Needs

At Marathon Sportswear, we have the equipment, experience, and technology to supply screenprinted apparel for your Chicago area company’s or organization’s needs. Our screenprinting services include heat transfer and silk screening, and we work with you to make your custom design a reality. If you’re interested in our custom screenprinting services, contact us today.