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Marathon’s sweat/moisture activated ink is an innovative way to display logos, brand names, text, or secret messages.

Invisible Messages That Speak Volumes

As the name might suggest, Marathon Sportswear prints apparel for approximately 1500 races per year as well as numerous gyms, fitness clubs, sports teams and other events where participants work hard and sweat. We are very proud to introduce an ink that will recognize that sweat equity in a unique way.

Introducing Marathon Vapor ink. This invisible ink blends perfectly with our Vintage Blended Tee, the MSV1980. By using this clear-gel, you’ll be able to print a message that can only be seen once the shirt is exposed to sweat or moisture. Once you sweat, the ink naturally appears in subtle tones that blend in perfectly with soft-apparel items.

Let Your Hard Work Speak For Itself

Marathon Vapor gives you the the ability to promote a hidden message that can only be unveiled through sweat or moisture. This ink is unlike anything else in custom printing. It’s infused with sweat-wicking material, which automatically reveals the hidden print when exposed to water or perspiration.

Let your hard work show in a unique way. If you’re tired of walking away from a workout with nothing to show for it except a sweat-drenched shirt, then getting an item with Vapor ink print is the perfect solution for you. Whether you are in the weight room, at spin class, running a race, or performing out on the field, we’ll make sure your hard work gets put on full display. When you partner with Marathon for a Vapor ink print, you’ll be able to let your sweat do all the talking for you.

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