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The future of screen printed apparel is here with Marathon’s premium-level, water based ink.

High-Quality Water-Based Printing

When it comes to custom t-shirts, it’s the ink that makes all the difference.  At Marathon Sportswear, we are revolutionizing the screen printing industry one shirt at a time. With decades of experience printing more than 100 million shirts, we’ve developed a water-based printing solution that effectively combats the challenges of many other water based ink methods.


Introducing Marathon’s Hydro Water Base Ink—the screen printing industry’s best water-based alternative.


Why Hydro?

Marathon Hydro is a proprietary water based ink that has a much thinner base structure than our plastisol ink base.  When mixed with pigments, softeners, reducers and bleaching agents, Hydro not only deposits a much thinner, softer print on our shirts, it also simultaneously bleaches out the dye color of the garment it is being printed on.  This ensures a brighter print color without the need of a heavy underlay print.  This premium ink and printing technique yield a soft, worn, matte look that pairs extremely well with our Vintage Blend Tee, The MSV1980.


Hydro ink is a premium ink and not necessarily the best option for every garment or project.  See below for a quick comparison of our new Hydro water base vs our traditional multi-purpose plastisol base ink.


Plastisol – Industry Standard:

-Bright, vibrant print

-Easy to use, best value

-Ideal for exact PMS color match

-Prints on top of shirt fibers

-Versatile: best or only option for many materials(polyester, nylon) and some garment colors(kelly green, royal blue, purple)



-Premium vintage look and soft feel(feels softer after each wash)

-Muted or matte print

-Holds fine detail

-Best for distressed or worn-out logos

-Penetrates into the shirt fibers

-Ideal ink for Marathon Vintage Tee(MSV1980)

-Limited to certain garment materials(cotton and some cotton blends) and garment colors(bleaching process does not work well on kelly green, royal blue or purple)


As Chicago’s brightest screenprinting professionals, we’ll help you take advantage of a comfortable, soft-touch print.

Perfect Your Design With The Help of Marathon Sportswear

At Marathon, we will be there each step of the way to make sure that every aspect of the screenprinting process goes as smoothly as possible. From the initial design to the final print, we’ll be sure to put your creative vision on full display. By taking advantage of our water-based ink printing process, you are investing in the gold standard of discharge printing. Whether you are creating a shirt for an event, designing new uniforms for your team, or just want something fresh in your wardrobe, we’ll make sure that it is long-lasting, professionally designed, and extremely comfortable for any occasion.

If you’re ready to create a custom shirt with a eye-catching design, then contact our experts today. Give us a call or send us a message to schedule a free consultation with one of the best screen printing professionals in the greater Chicago area.

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