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No matter what business you’re in , a uniform appearance for your employees brings plenty of benefits. Even if your teams have no personal contact with clients or the public, a corporate apparel program is a great way to homogenize your teams:

Logoed apparel will help coordinate your corporate teams – People have an internal sense of belonging. They want to be a part of a clan, or a tribe, or even a family. The right corporate apparel will give them that sense of belonging.

Apparel will reinforce your brand – A good marketing strategy will take full advantage of any resource, including your employees. You have developed an organization and a corporate culture and your employees are proud to be a part of it. When they wear logoed apparel, they are showing off their company, and your brand.

How to start a corporate apparel program

Step 1:  Select the kinds of apparel and promotional items you want to offer.

You have a wide range of choices available for branded corporate apparel and your choices will depend on your budget, your brand, and most importantly, your industry.  For office environments, custom printed jackets and logoed dress shirts are great for everyday uses, while sweaters and hoodies will really get your brand noticed during cold months.

But don’t forget specialty clothing as well. If you have divisions that work outdoors or in areas with extreme temperatures, make room for branded coveralls, safety gear and even printed hard hats to boost your brand visibility. Medical professions, such as clinics and dental offices, can offer embroidered specialty scrubs and clothing.

Regardless of your industry you can customize your choices depending on role, department, or location. This is where the experts at Marathon provide plenty of value.  We examine your business and your budget and help ensure your company store offers the kinds of apparel your employees will be proud to wear.

Step 2:  Find the perfect apparel printing partner.

Now that you know what promotional items you want to offer, it is important to establish the framework needed to get it to your employees and it all starts with your printing partner. The company you choose to print your corporate apparel needs to be versatile and great to work with. Marathon can handle any of your corporate printing needs both in the kinds of printing we offer and the customer service we provide. The approach you take to your company store is very important as well. Do you plan to keep an inventory, or will you have an online order form?

Step 3:  Set up an efficient system to manage the process.

Like any process, the critical element to an effective corporate apparel program is to make sure it is properly managed. This allows the program to stay under budget, but still get the right apparel to the employees that need them. Marathon has helped companies just like yours implement a corporate apparel program that makes sense and keeps your employees looking great.