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Custom corporate apparel is a great way to promote your company and invest in indirect marketing. Studies have shown that employees who are given or have access to corporate branded apparel not only wear them to work, but to other events too. Employees want to show off where they work and what better way to let them show off their company pride, and at the same time elevate your corporate exposure, then with custom screen-printed corporate apparel?

You shouldn’t need a reason to provide custom apparel to your employees, but in case you need some motivation, here are some great explanations:

Celebrate a milestone or achievement

Your employees may have been working toward a difficult long-term goal, have hit a challenging sales objective or reached a record number of customers. Why not reward your employees for their success The right branded apparel can remind your employees of their hard work and worth to your company.

Communicate team solidarity

Many companies with employees in different business units will break them down into individual teams. These teams are as unique and remarkable as the individuals in them and what better way to celebrate them then to give them custom, team-themed gear?

Advertise promotions

The run-up to a huge promotion is usually a frenzy of activity including  specialized marketing and advertising to get the word out to customers. A great way to promote your products is to offer your employees customized apparel that features your promotion. This celebrates the event, rewards your employees for their extra work during the promotion, and elevates it beyond a simple sale.

Celebrate a special event

Do you have a longtime employee retiring? Have you moved the office to a bigger and better space? Is your company hosting a booth at a convention or public event? The right t-shirt can help you celebrate and mark the event. After the event is over, the shirts will serve as a reminder.

Try embroidery

Screen printing is commonly used for branded clothing, but if you really want your logo and message to pop off the apparel, give embroidery a chance. High-quality embroidery from Marathon is a great eye-catching option when creating a striking corporate apparel design that will last for years.

Marathon can help make your corporate branding ideas a reality

Our screen printing and embroidery services are of the highest quality and if you need to have custom printed apparel, Marathon should be your only choice. Our custom logo apparel options are a cost-effective way to celebrate your business and mark its achievements. Call us today!