Screenprinted promo items are cost-effective ways to promote your business, anda variety of options are available.

You can capture the attention of consumers in many ways. One of the most effective and affordable options to practice is brand promotion. This can be performed on various levels, but one of the most practical ways to make a statement is through face-to-face marketing. By taking this approach, make sure to have the right swag to go along with it.

Which Promotional Items Are Best for My Business?

Social media promotions and digital advertisements are pivotal elements in today’s culture, but direct promotion continues to reign as the most effective way to shine a light on your business. There’s just something about seeing your brand up close and in person. It’s captivating on several levels, especially when it’s advertised on a great product.

Here are five of the top promotional products to produce:

  • T-Shirts: Everybody loves a free T-shirt, especially a high-quality one. For years, custom T-shirt printing has been one of the wisest advertising strategies for practically any type of business. When it comes to T-shirt giveaways, timing is the most important factor. If you decide to promote your brand this way, aim for the summer or spring when it makes more sense for people to wear T-shirts.
  • Embroidered Team Wear: If you want your brand to stand out in front of a sports-oriented audience, putting embroidered items on display is the way to go. Embroidered apparel is ideal for little league teams, high school programs, or even coaching staffs. Whether someone is hunting for new uniforms or team gear, it’s always wise to have samples of hats or jerseys that people can take with them.
  • Custom Tote Bags: Tote bags are some of the most useful tradeshow giveaways. If you attend a convention, be prepared to get a lot of free stuff. While it’s nice to collect free things from the people you talk to, it can be frustrating to haul these products around. Tote bags make it easier for you to carry your stuff. By printing your logo on a free bag, you’re sure to stick out in the minds of consumers.
  • Branded Water Bottles: Water bottles are low-cost promotional items, but they are also some of the most universal. Customers won’t hesitate to carry a water bottle, regardless of what brand is promoted on it. Whenever a customer takes a drink from your bottle, they will see the logo and remember your company.
  • Tech Gear: Tech accessories are some of the most practical items you can use to promote your brand. Whether it’s a smartphone case, laptop sticker, or even custom-designed earbuds, tech companies are going above and beyond to get their brand names in front of consumers. Tech accessories are also some of the best products to reward loyal customers. To show customers your appreciation for their business, send them some free gear. This is a great way to gain long-term customer loyalty.

Create Customized Products with Marathon Sportswear

Turn some heads at your next trade show with the right promo items from Maraton Sportswear. For an affordable price, you can take advantage of the best screenprinted promotional gear that Illinois has to offer. Contact our experts so you can book your custom order today.