Ms 02.21.19 | Marathon Sportswear

A popular way for companies to give back is to participate in a charity run or walk. These are usually giant events attended by numerous different companies and organizations, all banding together to support a common cause.

Further, events like these are great ways for your employees to bond and get to know each other outside of work. It is important for them to have some shared experiences outside of the confines of the office. Despite modern conveniences such as email and office chat functions, it is common for cubicle bound employees or coworkers that operate remotely to feel isolated. A charity run or walk is a great way for employees to get together and get to know one another.

And while custom t-shirts are a great addition to any campaign, they are especially apt for charity runs and walks. What better way for your employees to present a united image than with perfectly designed, custom event t-shirts from Marathon?

The process to get your shirts is easier than you think. Here are four simple steps to get your event shirts from concept to reality:

Step 1: Create the perfect design

Our design tools allow you to browse the kind of shirts you want and customize the colors and designs that will be printed on them. Think about your company, its culture, why the group is getting together, and the cause you are supporting and use it as inspiration to create a fun surprise for the team. Choose colors and styles that make sense for your group and will make you stand out from everyone else.

Step 2: Get the word out

Actively promote the race to make sure your employees know about the event. This allows you to make an accurate order well ahead of time. But employees might have friends and family who want to participate, so even if you have stragglers, no worries. Marathon can print and ship whatever number of shirts you need at any time.

Step 3: Use our easy order form

Our online order form is easy to use, and gives us an accurate idea of the type and quantity of your order.

Step 4: Enjoy your shirts!

It’s a great feeling when your group is all together, sporting the awesome shirts you designed for them. Make sure you have a few extras on hand and whatever you do, don’t forget to take plenty of photos to share on your group’s social media pages.

Marathon can make it happen

We specialize in screen printed and embroidered shirt orders of any size or complexity. If you have a 5K coming up, turn to Marathon Sportswear for custom apparel that will unify your team and make them look great for the event. Afterwards, everyone has a neat souvenir to remind them of the fun they had to help a great cause.